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Thursday 25 May
St Kilda Town Hall

Tickets $30 Full / $25 Concession

2017 SoundKILDA Award Winners!


Watch music videos as they were meant to be seen - loud and large on the big screen!

Australia’s only dedicated music video competition, SoundKILDA, showcases the country's top creative collaborations, with seventeen clips from local and international musicians created by some of our most talented filmmakers.

Join us for a music viewing experience like no other then stick around for the official awards ceremony and after party.

This year’s program sees the Festival partner with the Australian Music Industry Network (AMIN) and the Live Music Office to present the LOVE LIVE MUSIC 60 second short film competition.

The competition prizes are awarded in five categories and presented on the night of the screening.



Best Music Video

A free grade on your next music video.


Cinematography Award

Olympus OM-D E- M5 Mark II Pro Kit valued at $2,099


Craft Award

One day professional aerial video shoot, valued at $2,800.


Audience Award

Over $2,000 in-kind studio time


Best Editing

2 Creative Cloud 12 month membership


A fun music video showing two free-spirited individuals road...

Music Video
Director: Daniel Daperis and Jared Daperis
Producer: Chris Hocking
Dead Man's Float


Music Video
Director: David Karacic
Producer: David Karacic

Dan Sultan is transformed into a "living work of art" through a...

Music Video
Director: Jonathan Chong
Producer: Dropbear Digital
World Of Our Love

Client Liaison invite you to join them in the World of Their Love...

Music Video
Director: Mike Greaney & Aaron McDonald
Producer: Mike Greaney & Darcy Prendergast
Stone Men

An eccentric man living alone in a castle encounters people for...

Music Video
Director: Daniel Daperis and Jared Daperis
Producer: Chris Hocking
People Vultures

The second part of King Gizzard's Nonagon Infinity visual album....

Music Videos
Director: Jason Galea and Danny Cohen
Producer: Ruth Morris
Wait No More

A romance told through table tennis and dance, because table...

Director: Sam Lara
Producer: Bridgette Terlick
Elevator Operator

Courtney Barnett plays an Elevator Operator in an imaginative and...

Music Video
Director: Sunny Leunig
Producer: Emma Haarburger
Whipping Boy

Created and filmed entirely inside VR using Google's Tilt Brush....

Music Video
Director: Jaymis Loveday
Producer: Jaymis Loveday

Josh Harris has worked with interpretive theatre Auslan Stage Left...

Music Video
Director: Josh Harris
Producer: Josh Harris

'Warriors' is the final installment of a two-part music video...

Music Video
Director: Vanessa Gazy
Producer: Tim Russell

In a reimagined 1950s VR world, a nannybot’s longing for...

Music Video
Director: Natalie Erika James, Ben Morgan
Producer: Logan Davies, Emma Haarburger

Dark and twisted - Dena Amy dances around an abandoned warehouse...

Music Video
Director: Jared Daperis
Producer: Chris Hocking

 A man returns to his home town for his lover's funeral.

Music Video
Director: Jack Peddey
Producer: Genevieve O'Shea

A lonely woman finds love with the unlikeliest of creatures at...

Music Video
Director: Darcy Prendergast & Josh Thomas
Producer: Christina Remnant
Íf you only knew me when

An old man revisits his youth when he watches a bunch of teenagers...

Music Video
Director: Michael Nicholls
Producer: Jarrod Theodore
The Swell
Music Video
Director: Daniel Daperis and Jared Daperis
Producer: Chris Hocking & Stephanie Parsons