Into the Limelight | St Kilda Film Festival
Into the Limelight

Into the Limelight

Produced by Emma Buckley

Directed by Declan Cole-Flynn, Samuel McDermott

Written by Neil Cole

Into The Limelight is a mental health and creativity project of Prahran Mission, in conjunction with the University of Melbourne. The aim of the project was to work with a group of participants, predominantly with diagnoses of schizophrenia and other ongoing mental illness, along with various volunteers and film professionals, to engage them through the processes of performing in and making short comic films. An observational study is being conducted by Assoc. Prof. Neil Cole to assess any possible benefits to participants via involvement in this project and lessons to be learnt on how best to engage participants in the filmmaking process. It is worth noting that people with schizophrenia are one of the most disadvantaged groups in our community

Over the last eight months, the participants have been meeting regularly and taking part in a series of workshops covering different crafts of acting and filmmaking. This culminated in a series of film shoots, predominantly around the Port Phillip area, where they collaborated with professional filmmakers to create a series of comic scripts written by Neil Cole. 

With performance by special guest, Monique Brumby!


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Into the Limelight




Saturday 27 May



Run Time

1 hour 30 minutes

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Free (18+ event)