Inside the Life of a Professional Composer | St Kilda Film Festival

Inside the Life of a Professional Composer

What does it take to be a fulltime composer for film and TV? Australian Institute of Music (AIM) Melbourne will present this exciting panel featuring renowned composers Steeve Body (Seal, Yalumba, Holden), Robert Sedky (The Nothing Men, Beast) and Caitlin Yeo (Growing Up Gayby, The Killing Field, All My Friends are Leaving Brisbane). Moderated by Paul Gildea (Icehouse, ARIA Rock Hall of Fame Inductee).

Focussing on the challenges, high points and low points of pursuing a fulltime income from composing for film and television, Paul will also facilitate discussion about obtaining synchs on films, publishing, fee positioning and the difference between writing for film VS writing a song that is placed in a movie/ TV/ commercial.  With lots of practical advice, inspiring stories and a Q & A session included, this session is a must for any aspiring composer.

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Saturday 20 May



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