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Bus Stop Films: Inclusive Filmmaking

The St Kilda Film Festival is excited to welcome Genevieve Clay-Smith (NSW Young Person of the Year 2015) CEO of Bus Stop Films to present this special masterclass developed for people with a mild to moderate intellectual disability, supported by the City of Port Phillip’s JCAAA program. This masterclass will introduce students to the concept of ‘mise-en-scene’ and its four elements: space, lighting, performance and costume/make-up. Students will examine the symbolism that is present within these elements, also known as ‘the elements of cinema’. We will also consider how the director conveys ideas, feelings and themes in film without using words – instead through symbolic colour, lighting, props, framing and performance. Needless to say, you'll never look at a film the same way again!

The masterclass topics will be explored through drama and craft games to help convey ideas – our aim is to have fun whilst learning more about cinema and symbolism.

Aims of the workshop include practicing communication skills, reading and writing. 

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Saturday 20 May



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